Chapter 1: Becoming Equipment-Conscious Operators
Chapter 2: Cleaning is Inspection
Chapter 3: Using Localized Containment
Chapter 4: Lubrication Management for the Shop Floor
Chapter 5: Activity Boards and Meetings
Chapter 6: Using One-Point Lessons
Autonomous Maintenance for Operators
by Andrew P. Dillon, translater, ISBN: 156327082X 
When your operators are positively and energetically involved in the maintenance of their own equipment, when they are thoroughly familiar with it and treat it as their own, then TPM leads to soaring productivity.

This newest operator book teaches specific autonomous maintenance activities.

For operators, supervisors, team leaders, and TPM coordinators, this book provides useful guidance and case study examples for autonomous maintenance.

     Activity boards, one-point lessons, photos, cartoons, and actual examples of implementation demonstrate the huge benefits of developing informed motivated operators who take ownership of and improve their equipment.
Autonomous Maintenance for Operators - $26.95 each

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