Ch. 1. Introduction
Pt. 1. The Roots of Andragogy
Ch. 2. Exploring the World of Learning Theory
Ch. 3. Theories of Learning
Ch. 4. A Theory of Adult Learning: Andragogy
Ch. 5. Theories of Teaching 

Pt. 2. Advancements in Adult Learning 
Ch. 6. Adult Learning Within Human Resource Development 
Ch. 7. New Perspectives on Andragogy 
Ch. 8. Beyond Andragogy 
Ch. 9. Andragogy in Practice 
Pt. 3. Practice in Adult Learning 
Ch. 10. Whole-Part-Whole Learning Model 
Ch. 11. From Teacher to Facilitator of Learning 
Ch. 12. Making Things Happen by Releasing the Energy of Others 
Ch. 13. Some Guidelines for the Use of Learning Contracts 
Ch. 14. Core Competency Diagnostic and Planning Guide 
Ch. 15. Training Delivery Problems and Solutions: An Analysis of Novice and Expert Trainers 
Ch. 16. A Model for Developing Employee Work Effectiveness in New Roles and Environments 
Ch. 17. Linking Learning and Performance in HRD
The Adult Learner
by Malcolm Knowles, Ph.D, Elwood Holton, Ed.D. and Richard A. Swanson, Ph.D., 310pp., 1998, ISBN: 0884151158

The definitive classic on adult education and training

As leading authorities on adult education and training, Elwood Holton and Richard Swanson have revised Malcolm Knowles' exemplary work on adult learning.

While retaining the best from the past editions, they incorporate the latest developments in adult learning theory and practice into this major revision.

Praise for Previous Editions:

"Malcolm Knowles was among the first people to recognize the special needs of adult students. . . . These discussions will help a company effectively raise the skill level of its workforce".
-HR Magazine

". . . assists trainers in developing effective programs by explaining how adults learn, and it should provide a solid foundation for the creations of adult learning programs".
-Training News

"It cuts through the bewildering, often conflicting profusion of learning theories, research findings, and analysis to reveal why so many commonly accepted teaching methods are ineffective with adults".
-Personnel Administrator

This new book is divided into three parts. The first part contains the classic chapters that describe the roots and principles of andragogy. The second part contains four new chapters that examine:

  • The latest perspectives on andragogy
  • The application of andragogy in human resource 

  • development
  • New advancements in understanding adult learning
  • Practical applications of adult learning theory
The new chapters incorporate developments from recent research in adult learning, human resource development, cognitive psychology, adult development, and educational psychology. The last part of the book contains an updated selection of topical readings that advance the theory and practice of adult learning.

This new edition is an ideal introductory book for adult learning practitioners and students.

The late Malcolm S. Knowles, Ph.D., was one of the nation's leading authorities on adult education and training. He was the founding executive director of the Adult Education Association, and professor of adult and community college education at North Carolina State University.

Elwood F. Holton, III, Ed.D., is an associate professor in the School of Vocational Education at Louisiana State University.
He is the author and editor of several books and regularly consults with and provides training programs to businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and universities.

Richard A. Swanson, Ph.D., is professor and director of the Human Resource Development Research Center at the University of Minnesota. He has 30 years of consulting experience and has written more than 180 publications on human resource development. He is president of the Academy of Human Resource Development.

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