What is Electricity?

EMF and using voltage testers

Electron movement and ammeters

Resistance and using ohmmeters

Watt's and using wattmeters

Ohm's Law made easy

Open circuits and short circuits

Conductors and Circuits

Wire sizes and insulation

Series and parallel circuits

Identify ac and dc circuits

Test meters and 1 circuits

Troubleshooting with meters

Using equipment (safety)

Using plugs and receptacles

Switches and Transformers

Select and connect switches

Using switch terminology

Use power tools safely

Transformer types and connections

Using adapters (suicide plugs)

Common voltages and their use

Lockout/Tagout procedures

Fuses and Circuit Breakers

Proper use of circuit breakers

Types of plug fuses

Types of cartridge fuses

Types of circuit breakers

Check and reset breakers

Ground fault circuit interrupters

Light Sources

Energy conversion to light

Lighting terminology

Incandescent lamp operation

Fluorescent lamp operation

High Intensity Discharge (HID)

Tungsten-halogen lamp

Troubleshoot solenoid valves

Troubleshoot relays

Schematics and ladder diagrams

Troubleshoot contactors

Line starters and overloads

Troubleshoot line starters 

Induction Motors

Working with 1Ø and 3Ø motors

Testing motor capacitors

Dual voltage and multi-speed motors

Using Full Load Amps (FLA)

Using Locked Rotor Amps (LRA) Read and use motor data plates

Practical Electricity for Non-Electricians - CD-ROM

Practical Electricity for Non-Electricians CD-ROM - $99.95

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Practical Electricity for Non-Electricians
Professional Training on CD-ROM - For Windows

Learn by doing. It's professional, interactive and stimulating!

This CD-ROM sets a new standard for electrical training.

It is a complete training program, professional, easy and challenging.

It contains seven chapters, starting with Fundamentals and Test Meters with progression to Motors and Control Circuits.

Professional instruction is step-by-step, and teaches how to safely troubleshoot a wide range of electrical problems.

Hundreds of animated and interactive graphics (with sound effects) maintain student involvement, with many "hands on" wiring exercises.

  • The disk is self loading, easy to navigate, and computer literacy not required.
  • Text is both visual and audible, simply watch and listen, click and learn.
  • Set your own pace, select topic of learning, stop and start anytime.
  • This stimulating program teaches how things work, how they are connected, electrical safety, troubleshooting, and how to make repairs. 
Who Will Benefit?
  • "Practical Electricity for Non-Electricians" is designed for beginners, with advancement to intermediate level.
  • Many fortune 500 companies use this CD in their apprenticeship training programs.
  • The CD is designed for developing multi-skilled personnel.
  • This includes maintenance people in industry, HVAC-R, hospitals, colleges, universities, government and military personnel.
How to use the CD-ROM
  • No instructor is required.
  • Navigation buttons are explained at beginning of CD.
  • Select area of interest, start/stop anytime and have fun.
  • Instruction is step-by-step with interaction involving wiring components from schematics and using test meters for troubleshooting. CD is both voice-over and visual text.
Practical Electricity for Non-Electricians CD-ROM - $99.95

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Practical Electricity for Non-Electricians
Student Manual for Electrical (CD-ROM)
Authors, Jerry and LaDonna Killinger
This electrical textbook style manual contains text and graphics used in the CD-ROM.

The graphics are used to illustrate the function of meters, contactors, solenoid valves.

It contains a glossary of terms: ampacity, motor, VOM'S, branch circuits, voltage, and information on "How to Troubleshoot Motors".

Wiring exercises are performed by pencil, instead of interaction and animation.

This manual works well with the CD, or can stand alone.

Install the latest version of Apple's QuickTime to run this CD-ROM

Practical Electricity for Non-Electricians CD-ROM - $99.95

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Practical Electricity for Non-Electricians Student Manual - $40.00 Add to Cart
Practical Electricity CD-ROM and Student Manual Bundle - $139.95 Add to Cart
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