Gear Pump


This is a type of Rotary Force Pump. Gear pumps are extremely simple and reliable.
Depending on the number of teeth, the "idler" gear might be driven directly by the "drive" gear. Generally with six or more teeth this is possible.

In other cases an extra gear external to the pump drives the secondary gear at the same rate.

The teeth on Gear Pumps can be spur (straight), helical (slanted), herringbone, etc.

There can be two, or more teeth on each gear -- twenty is not uncommon.

The diameter of the gears and their thickness varies widely.

The many variations have different effects on the efficiency, strength, smoothness and other areas
of operation.

This pump will pump in the reverse direction if you reverse the direction of rotation of the gears.

Two pairs of valves can be added to make this a Reversing Gear Pump, which pumps in the same direction regardless of which direction the gears rotate.


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